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Our Story

Education Philosophy

Welcome to Rewilding Education, where we embrace a holistic approach to learning through the "heads, hearts, and hands" learning model originally introduced by educationalist and environmentalist professor, David Orr.

Our educational philosophy is built upon four pillars that guide the childrens' journey towards a deep understanding of themselves, each other, nature, and the world around them.


In nurturing young minds, we turn our focus to fostering curiosity. The children are encouraged to question, explore, and discover, igniting their natural desire to learn. Through engaging experiences and thought-provoking activities, we cultivate intellectual growth and offer opportunities to learn skills that will help them thrive in an ever-changing world.

At the heart of our programs lies the cultivation of empathy and connection. By providing the children the space to play and to discover the wonders of nature, they develop a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living beings and a profound sense of care and compassion for the natural world. We focus on nurturing connections with each other, with ourselves and with the natural world. 

Hands-on learning and play is at the core of Rewilding Education. We recognize the transformative power of uninterrupted free play and of seeing, touching, smelling, exploring, wondering. From exploring our 4-acres of gardens, running around the forest with friends or engaging in provocations like woodworking, seed collecting, fire building or plant identification, children are learning every moment while at Farm and Forest Programs.

Most importantly, we embrace the wisdom of the natural world. We honour nature as the ultimate teacher and guide, making space for exploring whatever we changes we notice in our environment. Recognizing that children learn and grow best through play and following their own curiosities and we hold space for this in every aspect of our days. Through immersive outdoor experiences, a sense of awe and wonder is awoken; planting the seeds of a lifelong connection to and appreciation for the natural world. 


At Rewilding Education, we are dedicated to providing enriching experiences that nurtures the heads, hearts, and hands of all who join us. We are on an extraordinary journey of curiosity, empathy, play, experiential learning, and connection to nature. Together, we hold space for children to thrive, grow and reconnect to nature; creating the next generation of sustainable living, lifelong learners, and environmental advocates.

Looking at Crops

Our 4 Pillars

1. Heads: Fostering Curiosity and Critical Thinking
  •  Encouraging inquisitive minds to explore, ask questions, and seek knowledge
  • Nurturing critical thinking skills through hands-on experiences in nature
  • Providing a stimulating environment that stimulates intellectual growth and development

2. Hearts: Cultivating Empathy and Connection
  • Promoting a deep sense of empathy and compassion for the natural world
  • Encouraging students to develop meaningful connections with nature, animals, and each other
  • Fostering an appreciation for diversity and the interconnectedness of all living beings
3. Hands: Emphasizing Experiential Learning and       Skills Development
  • Providing opportunities for hand work and hands-on learning 
  • Encouraging students to actively engage in practical skills development, such as gardening, fire building, seeding, animal care, woodworking, and sustainable practices
  • Promoting experiential learning that enhances problem-solving abilities and cultivates a sense of self-reliance

4. Land: Embracing the Wisdom of the Natural World
  • Recognizing nature as a powerful teacher and incorporating it into every aspect of the curriculum
  • Instilling a deep respect for the environment and a commitment to sustainable practices
  • Inspiring awe, wonder, and a lifelong connection to the natural world through immersive outdoor experiences

What is "Forest School"?

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