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Happy Little Girl

Wild Kids Farm & Forest Camp


PD Day Camps:

$50/day +HST
Mon Oct 24
Fri Nov 18
Fri April 28
Fri June 2
Fri June 30


Summer Camps:


Camp 1: July 11-13
Camp 2: July 18-20
Camp 3: July 25-27


Camp 4: Aug 14-18
Camp 5: Aug 21-25
Camp 6: Aug 28- Sep 1


Our camp programs provide a safe, fun space that nurtures a child's desire to be outdoors! Every day will include activities based on the needs of the gardens (what needs to be planted, weeded or harvested), and exploring the forest on the property. Our time is spent ENTIRELY outdoors. Weather appropriate clothing is required.

Ages: 4-11

9:00 AM- 4:00PM



PD Day Camp: $50/day + HST

Summer Camp:
3-day Week= $150+HST
5-day Week= 

 60/day + HST

(Daily Rate Camp spots will open two weeks before camp begins if space allows)

Our days are dynamic, depending on the ever-changing natural environment of the farm and forest (evidence of animals, emergence of new flowers, what needs to be planted, weeded or harvested, insect activity, effects of weather on the land etc.) We will explore the gardens, learn about biodiversity, how to plant seeds, and what plants need to thrive, while working hands-on in the garden. We will also spend time exploring the forest on-site, building forts, and playing in the ever-popular 'Mud Kitchen'.


The educators will provide opportunities for outdoor skill development, co-operative games, crafts, and LOTS of movement. The day's activities begin and end in our gathering space where we will share stories, songs, poems, or plays. Educators also add to the day's learning by introducing provocations such as simple tools and loose parts used for building, planting and creating. We spend all our time outdoors, rain or shine! In the case of inclement weather, we have a safe, indoor space to take shelter. Campers are to bring a large litterless lunch with snacks and 2 FULL water bottles to fuel our bodies for the day. We do "Boomerang Lunches" meaning all garbage and food scraps return home in lunch bags.


Join us for growing, exploring, and fun!

Children Embracing in Circle
Gardening Class
Kids Blowing Bubbles

Average Day @  Camp:

9:00-9:15:         Drop off / Free Play at the Playground

9:15-9:30 :        Morning Circle to plan our day (songs/ games)

9:30- 10:50:      Activity in the gardens (planting, feeding the chickens, harvesting vegetables, greenhouse learning)

10:50-11:20:        Nutrition Break and washroom trip- head to the forest

11:20-1:20:        Forest Play (building forts, mud kitchen play, craft stations, exploring critters we find, imaginative free play)

1:20-1:50:         Nutrition Break: Reapplying Sunscreen/bug spray, Refill waters

1:50-2:10:           Quiet Time/Reading in our own hammocks to take in the sounds of the forest

2:10- 3:15:          Adventure of the day (Hike,  Water Play, Special Themed Activity)

3:15 - 3:30:        Snack and Story time on the Story Log

3:30 - 4:00:        Pick up/ Free Play at the playground

***Garden Activity, Forest Play & Adventure of the day may change order in the day based on the weather or if the children are excited or involved in a certain activity

*** Special Themed Activities may include: Treasure hunts, Camps Got Talent, Crafts etc.

*** Camp takes place ENTIRELY outdoors, rain or shine. Weather appropriate clothing is required.  Camp will be CANCELED in the event of an Extreme Weather Warning (ie. Wind Warnings, Thunderstorm Warning, Heat Warning etc.)

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