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Our Corner Of     Wishes...

Blowing on a Daffodil

Welcome to our corner of wishes!

This page was inspired by the offering of one of our Rewilding Family members who said one day “What do you need?  We'd like to give you a gift, but we'd like to give something we might already have around the house that doesn’t get used any more - or something you find yourselves in need of for the school.”  Well, we love this type of mindset and creating a list of things on our radar that would contribute to the enrichment of the school is the gift of that ask. Thank you!  Thank you everyone for your consideration, Thank you for your involvement, Thank you for your sharing and of course - Thank you for your support!  In all the ways Rewilding Education is being fostered into existence, we are so very grateful; being able to offer this space and time for the youth in our communities is the biggest gift of all.

Our Wishes:

Youth accessible books on Ontario Trees, Animals, Birds, Plants, Tracks, etc

Volunteers to help build structures on site

Volunteers to help with maintaining our learning gardens

Fundraising Support, Sharing or Donation to our Yurt GOFUNDME

Please support our goal to bring our programs to the children in our community YEAR- ROUND! A yurt is a natural structure, existing in harmony with the land and the perfect building to serve as our space to warm up and get ready to return to our play-spaces for further learning on cold or wet days... We have partnered with Groovy Yurts, a company who imports Authentic Mongolian made Yurts (known as a Ger in Mongolia). Groovy Yurts supports family-run, local business in Mongolia, support the culture and country who perfected these nomadic dwellings over thousands of years, and who use all natural materials; which fits perfect with our philosophy.

If granting one of these wishes is available to you, or you wish to make a donation towards the fulfillment of one of these wishes,  we would be honoured to receive your intentions at

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