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Book a time for your group or class to come and spend a morning or day visiting and learning at the farm and forest! Our programs are unique as they are designed and facilitated by an Ontario Certified Teacher and an experienced farmer with a wealth of knowledge to share. We can customize your program to fit your goals and needs. Please reach out and let us know what your curriculum and learning goals are and we can tailor a specific program for your group.

High School Programs

Mondays or Fridays: 

Full day: 8:30AM- 2:30PM

  •  $16.00 per student

  • Teachers and EAs, and up to 2 additional adult volunteers, attend free-of-charge.

Elementary School Programs

School Aged Groups: (ages 4-13)


Full day: 9:30AM- 3:00PM

Half Day: 9:30AM- 12:00PM


Half day: 9:30AM-12:00PM

  • Full Day = $15.00 per student

  • Half Day = $10.25 per student

  • Teachers and EAs, and up to 3 additional adult volunteers, attend free-of-charge. Additional volunteers are free-of-charge for kindergarten classes.

  • We require a minimum of 20 students per program, or a minimum fee of $300 for a full day or $205 for a half day.

  • Hours can be adjusted to meet your groups specific needs

  • Sessions are created and run by Ontario Certified Teachers



Early Childhood Education Programs


Mondays: Half Day: 9:30AM- 12:00PM

Fridays:   Half day: 9:30AM-12:00PM

  • Half Day: $9/student

  • Teachers and adult volunteers attend free-of-charge.

  • Minimum—20 students per program, or a minimum fee of $180 for a half day

Educational Gardening
Studying on the Grass


Thanks for hosting our Health & Wellness and Hospitality students yesterday!  We had a blast and were all sincerely engaged fresh out of the gates. The stations we rotated through were well thought out, planned and efficient. Prior to departure from the school, I went on a bit of a rant about the science around climate change but my speech only scratched the surface. Your team dug deep into that science and customized that message for our youth. Experiential learning is soooooo impactful. They "Got it" and had a great time learning about Organic farming, Pedology, and my favourite......Good Food. We look forward to visiting again, hopefully in spring. Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us.

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